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About Indigo Dive

Safety, quality and fun.

Indigo Dive is an exclusive diving and freediving center located in Cala Mondragó, Mallorca.

At Indigo Dive we strive to create unique and extraordinary moments that will make you shine underwater while enjoying the present moment.

We love introducing new people to the aquatic world and bring new incredible adventures to the advanced ones!

You wil find activities for the hole family, for all ages and for all levels.

Our diving instalations are inside the Hotel Playa Mondragó

One of the most exclusive diving centers in Mallorca also thanks to its ubication.

Our facilities consist in a private pool, private parking, 30m from the coast, a theory room and an incredible terrace with good views.

In conclusion: we have the best ingredients for you to have a 5-star experience.


Parc Natural de Cala Mondragó


Sebastià J Covas

Managing Director

From a very young age I have known that my place is the ocean.


I have been fortunate to train with the best in the world and, thanks to that, I could develop the Indigo Dive teaching system.


The best thing about my job is being able to transmit my knowledge and experience. Awakening curiosity and fascination for the underwater world to new people is what really excites me.


Personally, I want to thank all the people who have made this high quality project possible. My family, my friends and all the people who have accompanied me, taught and contributed so much.


I wish you discover the best of the world and the best of yourself underwater. It is probably there waiting for you.

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