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Freediving Course Indigo Dive

The Freediving course

A unique experience

Improve your inner potential while learning how to hold your breathe and go deeper with knowledge, calm and security.

What are we going to learn:


Mind control

Relaxation and intuition.

Breathing techniques.

Physical improvement

Swimming and hydrodinamic technique. Stretches and hypopressive training.

Go deeper

Advanced equalization techniques. Learn the different modalities on freediving.

Freediving is a way of meditating that can leave you elated forever. Everything you learn here you can also apply it in your life.

Indoor Freediving Training

Ready to get a better version of you.

9 months of training in which you will become a true freediver.


2 group trainings a week. Monday and Thursday from 19:45 to 21:00.

Scheduled and personalized training plan each week.

Planning, analysis and monitoring of progress by the instructor.

In the indoor pool of Campos (Mallorca). @cdmcampos.

Train all the modalities of indoor freediving.

Increase the potential of your body while improving your mind control. Learn much more about relaxation and meditation.

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