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Initiation and improvement of quality.

Open Water Course

The most recognized diving course in the world.

This is the ideal course to get started in diving, internationally recognized. We combine theory and practice sessions to provide you with a complete and fun experience. In addition, we have all the necessary tools to make your first course a total success of learning. Dare to discover a new world with us!

Advanced Course

Improve your underwater skills.

This course offers an opportunity to learn and develop new skills while enjoying the diving experience. It includes 5 adventure dives; including Deep dive (up to 30m), Underwater Navigation, and a choice of 3 more: Perfect Buoyancy, Search & Recovery and many more!

Diving courses

Courses for certified divers

Improve your diving skills, bring out your best inner diver.

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Scuba Diving Refresher Course

Are you feeling insecure with your diving skills?

Refresh all the diving techniques with us such as buoyancy, the correct use of the diving gear and the possibility to improve your air consumption.

DPV Course

DPV: speed and freedom.

Exciting and unique DPV diving experience with personalized 1:1 instructor attention. Cover greater distances and explore new sites while feeling the freedom of underwater propulsion.

Nitrox diver TDI

Maximize dive time with Nitrox

Learn to dive with enriched air and extend bottom time while reducing nitrogen absorption and fatigue. Plan and execute Nitrox dives.

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