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Diving courses

Initiation and improvement of quality.

Open Water Course

The most popular diving course in the world.

This is also the course we recommend you to take if you are interested in taking further recreational diving courses afterwards. By completing this course you earn a beginner level certification that allows you to go always diving with a partner at a maximum recommended depth of 18 meters. Our course includes 2 dives in Cabrera National Park.

Advanced Course in Cabrera

Improve your underwater skills.

This course also allows you to build knowledge and develop some new skills at the same time you are having fun when diving. You will sharpen your diving techniques by conducting 5 different adventure dives: Deep dive (up to 30 meters), Perfect buoyancy, Navigation, Search & Recovery and Nitrox.

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Improve your diving skills, bring out your best inner diver.

Courses for certified divers


Scuba Diving Refresher Course

Are you feeling insecure with your diving skills?

We give you the possibility to refresh all the diving techniques with us such as buoyancy, the correct use of the diving gear as well as the diving computer.

Air Reduction Course

Improve your air intake.

Learn all the key ingredients to improve your air intake while diving. Advanced breathing techniques, buoyancy control, body positioning and much more.

Perfect Buoyancy Mastery Course

The full potential of obtaining perfect hydrodynamics.

Increase your buoyancy control, achieve the perfect position and, as a consequence, find the full potential of obtaining perfect hydrodynamics.

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